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Vision and mission

This is what we stand for
  • We see ourselves as an institution, which promotes help, and we are active within the fields of primary, secondary and tertiary prevention.
  • Our target group are people, who are directly or indirectly affected by HIV and Aids, as well as other sexually transmitted diseases, seriously people, and people, who are at risk of serious illness or disability or already affected by illness or disability as a result of their lifestyle.
  • We are a lobbyist and a representative for our target groups.
  • We are the first professional contact, whom our target group thinks of, should they require support.
  • We offer ideas and solutions to our politicians and sponsors:

… regarding the way HIV and Aids are dealt with in society, as well as other serious illnesses and disabilities, and lifestyles, which may contribute towards or increase the associated risks,

… against the stigmatization of persons affected by these illnesses and disabilities.

Our mission is as follows…
  • … to promote the reduction of new HIV infection rates and infection rates for other sexually transmitted diseases by means of education and training, as well as to enable a life, which includes self-reliant sexuality.
  • ... to help design the societal and personal framework conditions for the best possible quality of life for our target group.
  • … to support and help people from all walks of life in regards to the development and implementation of perspectives for an independent life, whilst maintaining the best possible quality of life.
  • ... to activate personal and commercial resources in this respect.