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General population

Contact us!

Please contact us, should you have any questions in regards to HIV and Aids, but also in regards to the transmission and means of protection from other sexually transmitted diseases. We are happy to help.

Whether you have a question as an employer in regards to HIV, or you are part of a certain professional group, such as hairdressers or physiotherapists - we will always be happy to deal with your inquiry.

Consultations generally take place during opening hours, but may also take place outside of the usual hours upon request and by appointment.

All consultations provided by Aidshilfe Düsseldorf are free of charge and, if so desired, anonymous.

Online advice

Any time and anonymously.

You can contact our advisors online via email or personal chat.

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Telephone support

We are great listeners.

Our advisors are happy to advise and help you with all your questions regarding HIV and Aids. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Personal advice

A matter of trust!

Any personal advice provided by Aidshilfe Düsseldorf is free of charge, confidential and, upon request, anonymous.


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