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What is Hepatitis?

Hepatitis is an infection of the liver. An infection of the liver may have many causes, such as viral or bacterial infections, but also alcohol and drugs.

Here, we are only talking about infections of the liver, which are caused by viruses. There are several types of hepatitis, therefore the letters A, B, C, D and E are used. The infections may cause various problems.

Hepatitis A heals by itself, but hepatitis B and C may become chronic, i.e. they may become permanent. In the long-term, this can have serious health implication, and may even become life-threatening.

For people with HIV, it is especially important to be aware of infections of the liver. Hepatitis places an additional strain on the liver and for immune deficiencies, such a disease often has more serious implications. Furthermore, HIV and hepatitis treatments need to be coordinated.

You can get a vaccination against hepatitis A and B! For hepatitis C, there is a new, effective and very agreeable treatment!

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