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Positive test result

Positive – what now?
A positive HIV test result leads to most people feeling shocked, many become scared of illness and death. We can help you if you are in this position! We will provide information to you, what it means to live with HIV and where you can find support. The most important thing first: your life is definitely not over!

Following a positive HIV diagnosis, it is often difficult to imagine, how your life will continue. All of your dreams of a happy relationship, sexuality and perhaps children seem at once far away.

Please contact us, should you find yourself in this position. We are able to provide information to you as to what it actually means to live with HIV and where you can access support. The most important thing first: your life is definitely not over! The opposite is the case, those affected can, in many ways, continue their lives as before and are able to do almost everything they would like to.

Today’s highly effective medication means that most HIV-positive people are able to almost lead a normal live and an Aids infection may be prevented. Should you have become infected in the last view years, your life expectancy will most likely not be any less than that of other people.

What will change?

You will of course experience some changes in your life due to HIV. You will require regular medical check-ups and you will need to start taking medication against HIV at some point. You will probably also ask yourself, with whom you should or would like to talk about your infection. It will not always be easy to live with HIV. But these are challenges, which can be faced head on. You are not alone.

There are various self-help groups in Germany, where you can meet other people with HIV. Advisors, who work for aids charities, will also support you, should you so wish. And a good doctor will also be able to provide the support you require.

Please contact us!

Advice hotline Aidshilfe Düsseldorf e.V:

0211-1 94 11


nationwide: 0180 33 19411*



*max. 9 Cent/Min. from a German landline, max. 42 Cent/min. from a German cell phone.