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People from sub-Saharan Africa

Trans-cultural HIV and Aids prevention  - a service for people from sub-Saharan Africa

HIV is a taboo subject for many Africans. Back home, HIV often means ostracism and death. It is therefore important to pass on knowledge in regards to HIV, means of transmission and protection and treatability in Germany.

Many Africans, who are HIV positive, often fear that their infection may become known amongst their family and friends. They worry about discrimination and ostracism. Our work therefore also focuses on the promotion of solidarity in the African community.

Aidshilfe Düsseldorf offers a number of services, such as

  • Informative events in regards to HIV in the African community (in church communities, events, group meetings, afroshops etc.)
  • Informative events at refugee accommodations or schools
  • Discussion groups in regards to HIV
  • Personal advice in regards to HIV and Aids in English, German and Spanish
  • An open hour at the university hospital Düsseldorf
  • Advice in regards to health care, social, legal and financial matters.

Our aims are:

  • To improve the access to prevention and other health care offers for people form Africa
  • Education in regards to HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases
  • Enable solidarity for people with HIV/ Aids in the African community
  • Supporting and caring for people with HIV/ Aids.

All our services are offered free of charge. We are subject to confidentiality and work on an absolutely trustworthy and confidential basis.

The events and consultations are available in different languages. It is possible to include language and cultural interpreters. Please contact us.


This service is kindly supported by Heartbreakers, the sponsor circle of Aidshilfe Düsseldorf e.V., as well as the German AIDS Foundation and the Association of Private Health Care Providers e.V.


Our network PRADI offers advise and help for men with a migration background who have sex with men. Please contact us with regard to all your questions regarding prevention, antidiscrimination and integration.

Additional information

Telephone support

We are great listeners.

Our advisors are happy to advise and help you with all your questions regarding HIV and Aids. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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